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DII Computers isn’t like any other MSP or Hardware Provider. We care about our customers even when they’re not buying anything. Our relationships are unique from others in the IT space, and here’s why: we go beyond the transactional nature and focus on your business’s needs overall.

Your Space is Our Space

One of our oldest customers, a packaging company, had begun making changes to some of their facilities which included closing some of their warehouses. This brought the need for them to store some of their inventory elsewhere, and we volunteered to hold their inventory in our offices and ship to them as needed.

Over the next several weeks, boxes began coming in large quantities, in a variety of sizes and weights. When we started recognizing some larger 200 lb. printers entering our building, we realized our customers had bought many printers over the years but never used them. Instead, they stored them in their warehouse, seemingly with no plan to ever utilize them.

So Many Printers

Altogether we received 71 printers, many of which were not opened, and some 5 years old, in new or like-new condition. When we told our customer what we received, he laughed. We then asked him a light, but serious question: Do you want us to just sell them off for you? Answer: Yes.

Getting Creative

We created eBay and Amazon sales accounts and began listing the products with images and descriptions. Within hours, people started clamoring for the printers. People from all over the country were messaging us asking “How many could you sell?”

Of course, with 3rd party sellers, people can be flimsy with confident buying. We ran in to some people who were super inquisitive, only to never be heard from again once transaction time came around. We also experienced some very aggressive buyers who tried to negotiate better deals. Factoring in the printer model, the quantity and the shipping, we worked with them.

“Give Us A Problem You Haven’t Been Able To Solve”

Shipping was a whole other ordeal. Some of the printers that we sold, we shipped out like we would ship out every other product would. We set it up with our carrier, dropped it off, got our tracking number, and went on our way.

However, several other printers came with obstacles. DII likes to say “Give us a problem you haven’t been able to solve.” Well we found ourselves with a few hundred pounds of our own little problem and we were able to solve it in days.

Two of our printers were huge, over 200 lbs each. They came in large boxes, designed to attach to specially made pallets from the bottom of the box. Yet, these boxes were delivered sans pallet. The bottom of the box was made to fall out so the top could be easily removed. Without the pallet, the bottom of the box would fall to the floor with the printer inside.

Now We Solve It

We looked at buying pallet banders, tensioners, even brand-new pallets to fit the box’s awkward dimensions. Believe it or not, the local Lowes and Home Depot do not offer great-solutions for self-palleting! Everything we looked at from the well-known hardware shops was going to need to be shipped to us with multiple days of waiting.

We used our own wooden pallets to secure the printers for shipping.

In addition to the palleting solution, we needed to find a way to actually ship such a giant box without killing the profit we were attempting to make for our client. But without knowing how we were going to stabilize the box, it was hard to figure out how we were shipping it. This would probably be a great problem to think about and solve over the span of a couple weeks.

But we were motivated to work quick for our customer, and those beasts were already sold with the buyers expecting shipping. What to do? We tackled each problem one by one. We needed to avoid the marked-up world of palleting companies. To secure a box of this size would cost over $400 before shipping ever occurred with a carrier service. So, we decided to use our own pallets. They weren’t the customized size the box would have come with, but it was a solid and reliable structure, which was our most valued quality.


The actual mobility of the printer wasn’t a problem, but it did require team work. At such a large width and weight (31.8 x 30 x 29.8 in.), it was virtually impossible for fewer 3 people working together to move the boxes around the office. We realized we wouldn’t be able to pallet the boxes inside the office, the pallets were bigger than our doorway. So, four of us, including President Tom Drummond, got our hands dirty and carried the boxes outside to place on the pallets.

Our next issue was securely fastening the box to our sturdy pallet. We purchased disposable strapping to fasten the box. We felt good about the number of straps holding the box on the pallets, but you just are never sure what could happen once a box is out of your possession and placed into the truck.

We strapped it down to the pallet, and then wrapped the entire box/wood combo with stretch wrap. The, we decided to bite the bullet and ship via UPS Freight. We could do this because of the hard work and care put in to finding the right palleting solution that was going to cut our costs as much as possible. It took 5 people and a day or two of insight into the freight world, but when we were done, we felt confident in the packing.

The Results

UPS delivered the printers within 11 hours to our happy buyers, we were able to continue to free up valuable space for new inventory, and our long-time customers were able to profit on some items hogging valuable inventory space. This success story is exemplary of DII Computers likes to approach each customer. We want to do whatever is going to help your business.  We have offices in Willow Grove/Horsham as well as York, PA.

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